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Weobley Castle




Weobley Castle lies about one mile east of Landimore and is impressively situated on a hilltop overlooking the salt marshes of North Gower where a Mountain Boarding Centre is aptly located. It is well maintained by Cadw (the Society for Preservation of Welsh Historic monuments) and entry tickets and light refreshments may be purchased at the adjacent house and enjoyed at the picnic tables in the garden.

Weobley is perhaps more of a fortified manor house then a castle although its splendid location with its steep drop to the salt marshes would have naturally deterred any would be conquerors the castle was attacked in 1406 by Owain Glyndwr and his men. The oldest part of the castle is probably the two storey block surrounding the central courtyard and is of the late thirteenth century. A perimeter wall and a very thick walled tower lie incomplete possibly due the occupying family’s shortage of money although more buildings including a gate house and chapel were added. It must have been a very comfortable residence for its occupants with fire places, porch and glazed windows.


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