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Parkmill is a well known Gower Village about eight miles from Swansea on the main South Gower Road (A4118)

The road leads down into the village, passing the Gower Inn on the right and large former school building which is now a Girl Guiding and educational centre.

Parkmill bridge

A stream (Pennard Pill) runs past the centre, beneath the road and under a small footbridge on its way to the sea at Three Cliffs Bay.

A pleasant secluded walk is to follow the stream up past the Girl Guilding centre and through the wooded valley (Ilston Cwm) until you reach the picturesque village of Ilston. The path can be muddy in wet weather. A short way along the path stands the remains of a medieval chapel with accompanying information plaque.

Parkmill burial chamber


Carrying on the A4118 the rather narrow road passes cottages and the United Reform Church on the right and the family run shop and café at Shepherds.

In the summer a field opposite is turned into a car park for the many walkers who take this route to Three Cliffs Bay.


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