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Oxwich Bay is a two and a half mile long superb sandy Bay located off the main South Gower road the A4118. Passing the sign for Beynon's Farm at Nicholaston continue and them take a left turn at the landmark stone Towers. The steep hill winds down past historic eighteenth century woodland to the low lying salt marshes.

Oxwich bay


This biologically diverse area is a Nature Reserve managed by Countryside Council for Wales and habitats include freshwater lakes, sand dunes, cliffs, swamps, marshes and woodlands. A huge variety of fauna and flora inhabit this area – a third of all flowering plants have been found in a 10 km grid that is some 624 species. Needless to say none should be either picked or uprooted!


Oxwich nature reserve

The large Car Park is located next to the beach and close to the village. Oxwich is considered a very safe bay for swimming and water sports. A water sports centre Euphoria Sailing Ltd & Water Sports 4 All offers sailing, skiing, kayaking and wakeboarding packages both for small groups and at a corporate level.

The Oxwich Bay Hotel is just ten metres from the beach.

Passing the Oxwich Bay Hotel the road leads left to Oxwich Point which is the longest headland in Gower and also the second highest. The footpath leads St Illtyd’s Church which is located in a secluded position sandwiched between steep wooded cliffs and sea. The Tower dates from the thirteenth century as does some of the interior.

Take the other route from the village and climb the steep hill which leads to Oxwich Castle and farm land.


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