Gower Peninsula


Minchin Hole Cave




Minchin Hole is located near the National Trust car park at Southgate. Access is by a rough track down to Foxhole Bay and is certainly a bit of a scramble. The entrance is taller and much narrower than Bacon Hole the other bone cave in this area. Despite the small, narrow frontage Minchin Hole is the largest bone cave in Gower.

Extensive excavation was carried out in the 1950ís and an interesting picture can be built up of life in Roman times for the families that stayed in Minchin Hole. More than 750 artefacts were recovered including bowls, dishes, cups and various other utensils. The inhabitants left metal jewellery and even finely carved spoons of bone.

Coins were also found - one being an English penny dating back to the 9th century.


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