Gower Peninsula


Culver Hole Cave




This unusual structure is located on the cliffs just West of Port Eynon point. Wynford Vaughan Thomas described Culver Hole as the ‘great Gower mystery’. There are legends of it being a smugglers’ and pirates’ base with underground passages linking it to the Salt houses at Port Eynon bay.

It comes as a surprise to see a such an obviously man made structure in this natural unspoilt area as Culver hole is a limestone wall built across a narrow gulley in the cliff.

There are several rectangular and circular openings in the wall rather like windows. The lower opening is accessible at low tide and it is possible to enter the cave and see the internal staircase linking the different levels. The most plausible explanation of Culver Hole is that it was used as a dove cot providing meat and eggs for the gentry of Gower as was also done at Oxwich and Penrice castles.


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