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Clyne Castle is a castle located within the ground of Clyne gardens in the village of Blackpill. It is known for it's history of Royal visitors and it's spectacular rhododendrons.

It is thought that the site where Clyne Castle stands may date back to Tudor times. This however can not be proven as there is little known of the history of any building on the site prior to the latter half of the 18th century.

In 1791 the castle (then known as Woodlands Castle) was built by Richard Phillips. In around 1802 it was purchased by Colenel Ward to serve as his headquarters as Inspecting Officer for the troops formed in the area as a precaution against the anticipated French invasion.

In 1830  the castle was acquired by a Mr Berrigton where he resided till 1864 before selling it on the Graham Vivan (part of the locally famous Vivian family). During his stay in the castle Mr Berrington is thought to have demolished a number of the rooms.

During his ownership of the castle Graham Vivian used his substantial wealth develop the building and the grounds. This includes starting the rare and beautiful collection of rhododendrons.

The estate stayed in the Vivian family until 1952 when it was acquired by the Swansea Town Council.

In 1956 the castle was converted into a halls of residence for Swansea University.

The castle has since been converted into 17 luxury apartments by Refalion Clyne who bought the site from the University in 2003.


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