Gower Peninsula


Caves in Gower




The carboniferous limestone of Gower and its subsequent erosion over the years have led to the formation of the many caves to be found on this coastline. Caves are formed over hundreds and thousands of years so please respect them and avoid damaging their structure.

Many of the caves have been excavated in the last two hundred years and some are now the property of the National Trust.

The remains of many species of animals ranging from the lion to the Artic fox have been recovered from the caves in Gower indicating significant climate changes since prehistoric changes. Many of the caves were used as bases for hunting parties and expeditions which would explain the variety and numbers of bones found.


A cautionary note: -The majority of caves mentioned here are not easily accessible and if you are an inexperienced climber it is advisable to seek local advice before attempting to visit some of these caves.


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