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Caswell is the most popular of all the Gower beaches. It is the most likely seaside destination for many local families not only due to its accessibility but also in having all the facilities you need to enjoy a day out at the beach.

This means that although the car park holds up to two hundred cars it would be unwise to expect to find a space after midday on a hot summerís day.

From the village of Newton a very steep hill leads down past the Summercliffe holiday chalet park and the Bishopís Wood Countryside Centre to reveal a beautiful sandy beach. A small row of shops at the top of the beach sell refreshments and snacks, souvenirs and all the usual seaside paraphernalia. Toilet facilities are located at the front of the car park and there are a number of benches in front of the shops.

Caswell bay

Approaching from the village of Bishopston the winding road again drops sharply giving glimpses through tall pine trees of huge limestone cliffs. At the bottom of the hill to the left is the car park which leads into Bishopís Wood Nature Reserve which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Night walks to observe the nocturnal animals of Bishopís Wood can be arranged via the Countryside Centre.

Caswell is one of the four Gower beaches to be patrolled by lifeguards and bathing here is considered safe.

Surfing is popular here with conditions particularly suited to beginners and novices and lessons are available.


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