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Broad Pool




Broad Pool is the largest fresh water body in Gower and is located on common land just a few metres off the Cilibion to Reynoldston road. This road used to be known as the Red Road due to the prevalence of red sandstone. It forms part of the Cefn Bryn Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The pool is surrounded by heathland and often small herds of ponies who graze the common.

It is quite a shallow pool - never more than one and a half metres deep and just over one and a half hectares in area – but it is notable for the great variety of species it attracts. And indeed it was the Glamorgan Naturalist Trust’s first nature reserve.

The pool is particularly beautiful in springtime when it is partially covered by the yellow fringed water lily. This lily is not indigenous to Wales but was introduced to Broad Pool and is now also found in other freshwater pools in the area.

Broad Pool is not only home to the usual amphibian and invertebrates found in ponds but also to the endangered Southern Damselfly and a rare variety of Crane fly. Stickle backs are the only fish to have been seen in the pond.

A wide variety of birds both indigenous and migrant have been recorded at the site including Whooper swans, grey herons and wood sandpipers.


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