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Bacon Hole Cave




Bacon Hole is situated just to the west of Hunts Bay about half a mile to the east of the roundabout at Southgate. It is a pleasant walk or cycle to Hunts Bay either along the single track road or the adjacent National Trust land.

In summer local farmers graze their cattle along the cliff tops so look carefully where you step! The cave mouth is about a third of the way up the cliff face and a path leads to it from above. The mouth of the cave is wide and low and not difficult to access.

A torch shone into the mouth of the cave will just enable you to see the remains of a metal grille which protected a part of the cave thought at one time to contain Paleolithic cave art. This was an exciting finding 1912 as it would have been the only known example in Britain!

Unfortunately the brick red streaks began to fade and change shape which meant that the colouring was probably due to an iron rich mineral leaching out of the limestone. More authentic findings from the cave include remains of now extinct animals including straight toothed elephants, straight nosed rhinoceros and evidence that it was inhabited by families during the Roman occupation.


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