Gower Peninsula


Arthur's Stone, Cefn Bryn




Arthur's stone is located at Cefn Bryn, Gower's highest point.

This is the peninsula’s most famous prehistoric monument and is located just a short walk from the Reynoldston – Llanridian with fine views towards the Bury Estuary.

It is an impressive site – an enormous boulder weighing in the region of 30 tons which is the capstone of two burial chambers with many smaller burial chambers marked by rings of stones located close by.

Inevitably various legends as to the origin of the stone have circulated, the most popular being that it was a stone thrown from King Arthur’s shoe. Another legend has it that St.David severed the stone in two with his sword as he feared that the general populace were holding the stone in too much awe.

The most plausible theory is that a glacier carried the enormous boulder into place.


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